Naledi Mashego

CEO & Founder

Naledi is not only the CEO and founder of the internationally recognised digital marketing agency, Cherry Republik, she is also well-known as an accomplished entrepreneur, talented public speaker, savvy business developer and avid traveller.

The following quote by Oprah Winfrey has resonated deeply with Naledi as it has been synonymous with her career development, “In life, you get what you have the courage to ask for.” Having personally experienced the message behind this quote, it has made Naledi the charismatic, enthusiastic, and game-changing entrepreneur that she is today.

From a young age, Naledi had a passion for entrepreneurship, people, and digital marketing. This led to the creation of her first business, Black Cherry Au Pairs, at the age of 19 before she pursued her love for music. Prior to this, she started her career as a real estate agent getting the feel for the corporate and creative work environments.

Naledi went on to work at Trace TV, as the marketing and programming assistant for three years. It was in her experiences and learnings at Trace TV, where she gained the motivation to follow her digital marketing dreams and provide the services that would fill the gap she recognised within the South African market at the time.

On the journey to creating, launching, and building Cherry Republik, Naledi has transformed herself personally and professionally to become resilient, fearless, and most importantly optimistic. She takes pride in the fact that through Cherry Republik’s offerings and services, together with her team she is able to demonstrate the true meaning of marketing by delivering the results the clients are seeking.

Even as a strong business leader, she is still a dynamic team player with the ability to work with and manage diverse teams. It is within her team, witnessing their successes and growth, that she finds the drive and inspiration to bring her best as an authentic leader.

Naledi attributes her success to the vast array of skill sets and knowledge that she gained in the diverse environments she has worked in and believes that they have been instrumental in her growth as an entrepreneur. She also gains a great amount of inspiration through the stories of other entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges most entrepreneurs face.

With her deep sense of striving for the best and breaking the mould even in the most challenging of circumstances, you know your business is in good hands with Naledi at the helm.