Eileen Mitchley

Managing Director

Eileen is an accomplished Marketing Project Manager and Accounts Executive within Design Agencies, Corporate Marketing Departments, and Digital Agencies.

With 25 years of experience in Project Management, Account Management, Marketing, Production, Print, Design, and Digital Marketing, Eileen has the ability to strategically implement plans and run projects between client, agency, and design studio by meticulously managing the timelines.

With a solution orientated, diligent attention to detail and proactive work ethic, she assists and supports the team in problem-solving efforts and ensures projects run as smooth as possible.

As a leader, she firstly sees herself as a collaborator, always willing to pull up her sleeves and get involved where needed. Is easily able to manage conflicts and is a confidant to her team.

Because of her passion for what she does and her ability to adapt to change, she has managed:

Multiple brands and campaigns

Quote requests

Print production



Traffic in studios


Design sign-off

B2B and B2C marketing

Progress on projects

Timelines and meeting of deadlines

Progress reports to clients

Reviewing updates of websites, digital media, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email campaigns.

Have a glass of wine with Eileen and you will get to know the fun-loving person she is with a wicked sense of humour. She plays full out both in her personal and her professional life, which you will easily pick up when you interact with her.